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Me, on the radio

As I’m featured in the very nice Superheroes & Schlemiels exhibition currently at the Jewish Museum here in Melbourne, they’ve kindly given me the opportunity to appear on ABC 774 this Sunday with the Museum’s Helen Light to talk about… comic books and Jews, probably.

We’ll be on around 10:30am, speaking with Alan Brough, which will be nice since I’ve enjoyed his work since I used to see him doing comedy at The Cheese Shop and The Planet comedy nights over at the old Prince Pat.

While I’m talking radio, I’ll mention Justin Heazlewood’s radio show LIME CHAMPIONS, every Monday at 7pm on 3RRR. The poor bastard’s Comedy Festival show, Songs from the 86 Tram, was sadly cut short when he went over a car door on his bike. Happily, his compensation came in the form of the Comedy Fest’s Director’s Award and big-ups from his comedy hero and mine, Tony Martin.

So HUZZAH for Justin, for his aborted show (which will probably be revived for the Fringe Festival, so go see it then) and for the reflected glory I hereby claim as the guy who drew his poster image.

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