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Precinct ep 00b: Eras of Ackersley

As with Farnham, in the new Precinct cartoon we’ll be seeing Ackersley at different points from 1986 thru today. I think ’93 Ackersley is my favourite. More animatic done now: [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”512″ height=”288″ allowfullscreen=”true” /] Please go to the Precinct site and try out our Cop Action Survey. We need some info about what …

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Production begins on The Precinct, episode 00b: “Playing To Win”

YES! So, as I mentioned previously, I’m starting up a new Precinct short animation, the goals of which are: to give viewers a bit more of the story we’re dealing with in the series to reveal a bit more about Det. Ackersley’s personality to show lots more ACTION and fast cutting to shamelessly wallow in …

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Animation Design Development Pre-production The Precinct

Ackersley vs dead eyes

This is the first in a series of posts describing the characters in The Precinct and their relation to the story of what I’m optimistically calling “The Precinct: Season One”. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”360″ height=”240″/] Ackersley is the guy you’ve been seeing in the animation tests and most of the sketches I’ve been posting. This is …

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