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Idle drawing, and what’s up with The Precinct

George Liquor

John Kricfalusi is the gent who created Ren & Stimpy. His blog is full of excellent lessons, advice and rant on various subjects. I saw today he’s having his visitors try drawing his lovable Republican stooge, George Liquor (American), so I thought I’d take a crack at it. He’s not kidding when he says drawing the character is hard. It’s a strange and complex construction, and tough for me to guess what he might look like when he changes expression.

Above left is my first quick sketch, above right I had a proper go at drawing the character freehand. The lines are rough but I think I got the flavour.

George Liquor, again

Here I tried to get a little creative and ran into trouble. They’re OK drawings but the lower one in particular is off and requires more research. The dudes and chicks who work for John are close to 100% at capturing his style — it’s a bit scary sometimes.

Doing this I wondered if all the storyboards I’ve been doing for Flash productions are having a negative effect on my ability to visualise a three dimensional character. I should go do some life drawing…

Ackersley gots a taser

Back to business: Ackersley gots a taser.

So Woody The Producer is back from his Amero-European sojourn and seems pumped about how The Precinct went over at MIPTV. My co-writer, Adam, and I are nutting out the plotting for the second half of the series so that I can get a more finished pitch document to those who showed interest.

Special quiz question: who’s your favourite Canadian actor, and why? Specifically, I’m after ones with interesting VOICES!

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