Free Money, Please

My new comic can be read online now. It’s called Free Money, Please. I spent several months working on it — including a lot of interviews and transcription!

It’s similar style-wise to the story #takedown from a few years ago, in that it’s me meeting and speaking to people about a topic I don’t like much.

That time, I was talking to pickup artists about pickup artistry. This time, I’m talking to a few different people about bitcoin, wealth and passive income — and reflecting on my own relationship with money, which is probably similar to that of a lot of artists (“it’s complicated”).

People who’ve read it have compared the tone to a Louis Theroux doc, which I’m taking as a massive compliment as I’m a fan of his work.

You can read Free Money, Please two ways: at Medium or at is a brilliant platform for reading comics on any device, plus you can download an ebook from there, and even chuck me a couple bucks if you like the story.

Medium is a nice reading experience too, but all you can chuck me are “claps”. Please do that if it suits you.

Thanks to my interviewees for this story — Gregory Mowle, Kylie Hammond, and a few people who will go unnamed…

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