Be A Man: animatic action

These images are from the storyboards I’ve been doing for my animated series, BE A MAN.

Actually, they’re an awkward cross between storyboards and animatic frames.

Storyboards should be clear and easy to read when printed on paper. These would be quite difficult to read because of the way I do my boards — I draw the frames in Flash, and, anticipating turning them into an animatic, I draw WAY too many frames! I put in all the little glances and moves the characters will do.

This is great for when I do the animatic and can easily watch how all the actions time out, but now that I want to show actors this stuff, I find it’d be time-consuming to put together a version that’d work on paper or as a PDF — I’d have to drop out all the extra frames.

Maybe I just need to physically flick through the boards for them — like having them watch the cartoon in flip-book form. I’ve been showing people my progress this way and it seems to work.

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