Bret Braddock’s Final Meeting

Ladies and gentlemen:

After 3 years and 100+ pages, my comic strip “Showman? The Bret Braddock Adventures” is coming to a (horrible) end. You are invited to witness this end.

Attendees at BRET BRADDOCK’S FINAL MEETING (July 14, from 6:15pm) will become part of a half-arsed theatrical spectacular which will BAMBOOZLE and BEMUSE. Those who experienced BRET BRADDOCK’S AWKWARD WORKPLACE FUNCTION at 2010’s Melbourne Fringe Festival will have some idea of what to expect.

I will not lie: you will be encouraged to buy the few remaining copies of Showman? books 1 & 2.

But you will also be transported to an incredible world of fantasy, in which it JUST MIGHT BE POSSIBLE to tell your stupid boss what a f&c%wit he is!

There will be recriminations!

There will be a PowerPoint presentation.

There will be Arnott’s Classic Assortment.

Bret Braddock’s Final Meeting
(aka: the launch of “Showman?” book 2)

will take place at

Squishface Comics Studio
309 Victoria St, Brunswick

on Saturday, July 14 at 6:15pm.

Party to follow.

How to get there:

TRAIN: Upfield line to Brunswick Station. TRAM No. 19, stop 23. BUS: 508/805.

For further info, check http://www.docklandsentertainment.com or http://www.squishfacestudio.com/.


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