Get An Animated Christmas Card From Nakedfella Productions For $500

It’s the end of the year, which can be a slow period for freelance animators like me. So I thought I’d offer to make your company’s animated Christmas card for only $500.

I like making funny cartoons cheaply. Would you like one, made just for you, to send to customers/clients, wishing them a happy holiday season? If you don’t, this idiotic ad may not convince you, but it took me ten hours to make from start to finish. Imagine how expensive proper animation can be!


This is a limited offer. It ends December 25, 2010. For $500 I’ll write and produce a short (< 1min) cartoon greeting card. I reserve the right to alter the $500 quote if you suddenly decide you want a tracking shot of a ludicrously complex dragon twisting in on itself (or similar). We're talking funnies here, not Disney.

Here’s another good example of what I can do for you!

Call +61 (0)422 509 144, or e-mail me!

IMPORTANT EDIT: I will include a $50 (FIFTY DOLLAR) discount if you let me include a dugong in your cartoon.

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