Here’s the Precinct stuff from the Opera House contest

I entered and was a finalist in the Sydney Opera House’s GRAPHIC animation competition! I’ve whacked the stuff I had to make for the contest on YouTube.

First, there were two video diaries:

My head looks larger and pinker in the second one, but the clip is shorter and has a better ending.

And here’s my complete entry. The contest had 3 rounds, and we had to make 20 seconds of action for each round. I tried to make it a cohesive Precinct-type story even though we had to include specific themes and objects in our entry (“seven years” and “recovery” were two of them):

It was a lot of work, but a very nice experience overall. I went up to Sydney for the GRAPHIC festival, which was pretty kickarse, and met most of the other animators!

Thanks to Dave Thomas (who won the contest — congratulations, Dave!) for sending me thru this pic! I swear I was smiling in the other ones.

You can check out all the other animations here.

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