Precinct Cop Action Survey winners!

Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami, Precinct-style

Five very helpful people who helped me and The Precinct out by filling in our Cop Action Survey will now be receiving an original Precinct drawing by me.

I won’t announce who they are, but I now have to draw Precinct characters:

  • in a shower scene, with rude bits obscured by “PG steam”
  • “in space”
  • beating someone in an interrogation room, “L.A. Confidential stylee”
  • “dressed in 18th century clothing, solving some kind of picnic-related murder”
  • “playing Go”

Thanks to all who took part in the survey! Remember that the interactive YouTube survey I put on YouTube is also still there. It asks “Who Is Your Favourite TV Cop?”…

David Caruso is winning…

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