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Windosill. Worth a lot more than $3.
Windosill. Worth a lot more than $3.

While we’ve been working on our cross-platform strategy for The Precinct, I’ve been directed to some fantastic online games from which we’re taking inspiration. Here they are:

Windosill is incredible. You must play it, and you must pay $3 for the full version. It has so much style and personality. It’s as close to a religious experience as you’ll have playing a game.

Brilliant, and pixelated.

Oh, man. These geniuses have put Sierra games like Leisure Suit Larry and King’s Quest online as multiplayer games/chat rooms. So weird, so great.

And some more old games which you can now play online:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Alter Ego:

Legend of the Red Dragon (well, it was always online, but via BBS systems. Now you can play it on the web):

Jones in the Fast Lane:
Got any more suggestions?

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