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Stanleys 2019: the Australian Cartoonists Association conference

I attempt to steal Jon Kudelka's novelty cheque

The ACA’s annual conference/awards night (“The Stanleys”) happened over the weekend. This year I’m the ACA’s deputy president, so I was heavily involved in putting the conference part together. I’m really happy with how it all went. In a political/business environment where the arts is ignored, downgraded and generally considered to be not worth working …

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The Stanleys 2011

or, What it is to be a cartoonist Cartoonists don’t travel through physical space, only through time. Even when the cartoonist looks, to an observer, to be travelling; on a plane, say, or a train – they are bent over their Spirax #534 pad, scratching away at a sketch of a fellow passenger. Desperately trying …

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