My work is scattered all over the web and hiding out in weird, unfindable anthologies, zines and self-published books.

Some of my comics are on this blog. My little brother Tristian’s well-received columns are at Daily Review. My pieces for The Nib, like The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist, are here.

Other comics are out of print, but you can read, download and torrent them at!

Free Money, Please (2019)

This is a comic about bitcoin, wealth, passive income and an artist’s relationship with money (“it’s complicated”).

Read Free Money, Please at Medium (long scrolling experience) or (more like print, plus torrented ebook downloads).

Tristian Oversees (2018)

Tristian Oversees is a book collection of my little brother Tristian’s finest works — a series of “letters from the world” in Jan/Feb 2016. Tristian hit the campaign trail in the USA, witnessing the Nevada caucus and reporting from the Democrat and Republican camps, including a fabulous performance by President-to-be Donald Trubnsmp at a Vegas dressage arena.

You can read Tristian’s dispatches at Daily Review or pick up a copy of Tristian Oversees at Squishface Studio.

“All right, so the drawings aren’t great, the writing adolescent – but the politics are right on.”

— Andrew Bolt

#takedown (2015)

#takedown is a comic book about when professional pickup artist Julien Blanc came to Australia (and was booted out real quickly). It was published by Pikitia Press.

You can read #takedown at, and buy a paper copy online too.

Review at Saturday Paper. Review at Aus Comics Journal.

The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist (2015)

The unfortunate story of a cartoonist who became part of the awful internet. Now we’re all part of the awful internet, and it’s a part of us. It was a timely piece!

Read it at The Nib.

Scare Campaign (2014)

This was a collection of comics about scary, bad people. A lot of them were politicians. It was launched at BrunswickArts’ HalloZeen event, where the author enthralled a darkened roomful of people with a frightening story about a toilet mishap.

You can read Scare Campaign at

Inside Scott Morrison (2014)

Inside Scott Morrison

A team of planet-loving teens fly down the throat of border czar (and now Prime Minister) Scott Morrison, and attempt to save stateless refugees by appealing to his pink, fat heart.

Read it here.

Australian election 2013: the graphic novel

Some fun for The Guardian, written by Paul Owen and chronicling the idiotic backstabbing and chicanery leading up to the 2013 election that gave us “Prime Minister Tony Abbott”. The cascade of PMs hasn’t ended yet.

Read it at The Guardian.

‘Showman’: The Bret Braddock Adventures (2011, 2012)

Initially an anonymous webcomic, it eventually became the long-running story of Bret Braddock, Sally Quince and the most slapdash, poorly-run kids TV production in Australia.

Read volume 1 and volume 2 at

Before that

Nakedfella Comics #1-9 were self-published and came out in the 2000s. You don’t need to go looking for them. I’d recommend staying out of the zine collection of your local state library. Shoo.