California 2019

Nixon Presidential Museum, Yorba Linda

Subscribers to my mailing list (you can join at right) just got an essay about the interesting stuff I got to do while taking part at NCS Fest. It included interviews and research for my next big comic. It was busy and fun. You just get the photos! Put together your own story about what …

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Free Money, Please

My new comic can be read online now. It’s called Free Money, Please. I spent several months working on it — including a lot of interviews and transcription!

It’s similar style-wise to the story #takedown from a few years ago, in that it’s me meeting and speaking to people about a topic I don’t like much.

That time, I was talking to pickup artists about pickup artistry. This time, I’m talking to a few different people about bitcoin, wealth and passive income — and reflecting on my own relationship with money, which is probably similar to that of a lot of artists (“it’s complicated”).

People who’ve read it have compared the tone to a Louis Theroux doc, which I’m taking as a massive compliment as I’m a fan of his work.

You can read Free Money, Please two ways: at Medium or at is a brilliant platform for reading comics on any device, plus you can download an ebook from there, and even chuck me a couple bucks if you like the story.

Medium is a nice reading experience too, but all you can chuck me are “claps”. Please do that if it suits you.

Thanks to my interviewees for this story — Gregory Mowle, Kylie Hammond, and a few people who will go unnamed…

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