Jacqui Lambie’s new cartoonist

Clive Palmer Garfield
I did some comics for Junkee way back in the olden days. One was this piece from April 2015…

A couple days ago, Jacqui Lambie put out the call on her Facebook page for a cartoonist.

We invited cartoonist David Blumenstein to present his portfolio for this exciting opportunity. He jumped at the chance.

Hi Jacqui,

I am pleased to respond to your call-out for a cartoonist. You didn’t specify what you want the cartoonist to do, exactly, so I thought I’d show you some examples of the range of styles I am capable of.

I thought you might be wanting a “comic book” artist, so here is what I can do in the “romance” genre.

You might be after more of a classic “comic strip” artist, and I can do that too.

At some point, every celebrity decides they should have an animated kids show based on them (Paris Hilton, Mr T, etc), so I’m prepared for that eventuality as well.

I think you will agree I can handle any challenge!

However, I am very busy at present, so if you are after something simple like a little “mascot” or something, I direct you to my little brother Tristian. He’s only in high school but he’s very good. He created this character for a colleague of yours.

Please get in touch via Junkee.


I wonder what she wanted this cartoonist for?

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