I’m in (on) MAD!

First issue of MAD Magazine I ever read was Australian MAD, issue 283, with a Derryn Hinch cover by Peter Broelman. I was hooked for years, going back and picking up loads of old issues full of brilliant art by favourites like Jack Davis, Paul Coker, “Duck” Edwing, Don Martin, Sam Viviano… I still have them all. They taught me about important people like Spiro Agnew and Tammy Faye Bakker.

It took 26 years, but I finally got up the nerve to hassle Australian MAD myself. You’ll find my first contribution on the back of the current issue, #487! Here’s how to read it:

How to read my first contribution to Australian MAD


You can imagine how proud I am to have created something that will be visible, scuffed and bent, in dusty closets and on bathroom floors for years to come!

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