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Comic Book Funny, episode #0

Finally, a comics podcast! What a novel idea.

Comic Book Funny



Episode #0: Remains Of The Day


In this episode #0 (in the comics tradition, it doesn’t have to be so great because it’s our “zero issue”):

  • we introduce ourselves for a bit too long
  • discuss why some other local comics are not that great (and why this angers Ben)
  • David makes a big statement and then goes right back on it
  • we wonder if manga people are loud and annoying or if we are just old
  • meander onto the topic of local “pop culture” events and the interesting people you meet there
  • talk chicken parmagiana
  • clarify details on the musical stings we’re using
  • and David presents a laboured audio joke


  • Ben sounds like he’s in a toilet sometimes because he’s live off the satellite from Canberra.
  • All the awesome stings and musical bits were triggered “live”. David will try not to use them so much next time. Or he’ll use them even more.
  • David and Ben both burped once.
  • David doesn’t actually think that homosexuals would necessarily dislike parmas. He apologises for indirectly insinuating this.
  • Ben pointed out this is sort of a cross between an actual interesting podcast and a meandering conversation, so beware.

Why not e-mail us with comments or questions? If we do another one of these we might read them out and respond to them.

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7 thoughts on “Comic Book Funny, episode #0”

  1. thanks.

    I enjoyed listening to this a bunch, hope you do some more. It’s good to hear people talk enthusiastically about australian comics in a way that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable and sad.

    Also your comments about doujicon made me smile – I was standing in front of your table when this enormous lumbering thing ( i am almost sure he had a tie around his head?) started jumping around and yelling about how great his friend’s comic was, he/it banged into the back of me and I nearly dumped a glass of water over the both of you. Bunch. Of. Halfwits.

  2. Great to hear two Australin comic creators shooting the breeze and touching on a range of topics.
    – the printing debacle was great
    – douji asides nice
    – convention attack spot on too

    And i reckon there are quite a few top notch Australian creators producing quality work – yourselves included 🙂


  3. Andrew: cheers much. I can’t get too mad at the anime types, that big lumbering thing was probably 15 years old or something. They’re like puppies! They get VERY VERY enthusiastic sometimes.

    Thanks John. The printing thing was definitely something worth bringing up. Hard enough going the self-publishing route without being fiddled with financially. Impression I get is his “publishers” are a quite highfalutin art/design company who he maybe thought would be more helpful than they were. Pure conjecture, though.

    We’re not uncomfortable or sad cos we like our own comics and the comics of lots of other people round here. Just have to avoid talking about boring things like convention problems and “getting published”.

    In the next podcast we may learn about William Shatner’s 296 metre space shits.

  4. I enjoyed this and hope more happen.
    -It seems like many kids these days don’t even know you can self-publish. LAC’s lineup is pretty much made of people like that.
    -I do like Doujicon but yeah, it sure attracts tools. I had a guy spouting some nonsense to me for too long before a girl stepped in and explained he was quoting some manga he assumed the world was familiar with.
    -I figure table prices at cons weed out a little of the crap. When it’s $5 a table you can’t lose photocopying any old shit and having your friend wear a tie on his head and act like a dick. Try that shit at Supanova and you’re down a few hundred bucks and I’m all for that.

  5. Hey Ive

    Doujicon’s beaut and Avi’s a champ.

    That’s interesting to hear about kids not knowing you can self publish. I would think that’s the first thing you’d do (i.e. go photocopy some pages and staple them together). I suppose the shine comes off it a bit when you can put all your comics on a myspace or blog in full colour and have thousands more people see it (millions if it’s any good).

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