I ran a very successful Drawing for Story workshop in Canberra, and spoke to ABC Radio that morning about it. Unlike most times I appear in the media, I had a good time and am not completely embarrassed at my poor performance (ask me about the time I was on the kids show Prank Patrol). Good questions from host Adam Shirley too. Have a listen!

Who Me


David's head, slightly squishedI'm a service designer and cartoonist in Melbourne, Australia.


I currently work in the field of strategic/service design. It generally involves making use of human-centred design techniques to help people create better services, organisational strategy and communications. I make sure it also involves lots of drawing, and when I'm doing that I call it experience illustration.


I'm a founder of Australia's funnest open cartoonists' workspace, Squishface Studio. When I'm there I'm working on one of my graphic novel projects (one fiction, one non-fiction) or a kids book.


If you've seen my comics work, it's in places like Daily Review, Guardian Australia, The Nib, Australian MAD Magazine, Crikey, Junkee and SBS Comedy.



Books and Comics


#takedown: My evening on a pier with pick-up artists and protesters#takedown is a comic book about when professional pickup artist Julien Blanc came to town (and left real quickly). It's available from Books Kinokuniya in Sydney and All Star Comics and Dymocks Collins St in Melbourne. You can read #takedown online here, and buy a paper copy too. Review at Saturday Paper. Review at Aus Comics Journal.


Some of my comics are on my blog. My little brother Tristian's well-received columns are at the Daily Review. My pieces for The Nib, like The World's Most Trolled Cartoonist, are here.


Other comics are out of print, but you can read, download and torrent them at!





PitchfaceAdam Wajnberg and I did a series of a comedy business podcast called Pitchface!


If you ever wanted to hear pitches for new episodes of The Golden Girls, new Cleveland-themed sandwich stores or which action stars should play our penises in a movie, subscribe to it on iTunes or go check out episodes and show notes at the website. We might come back with something new one day.





David runs a workshop with a bunch of nice peopleI'm available to consult on short/mid-term design projects. Drop me a line, learn about the work I do  or link-in with me.


You can also find me working as a service designer, communicator and visual scribe with the excellent teams at Rowboat and Zest Events. Check them out.


I write about human-centred design and visualisation on Medium and run Drawing for Story workshops (mostly in Melbourne, but let me know if I should come to your town/workplace)!


If you're interested in Squishface Studio, check out our website and follow our Facebook page or Instagram.





You can e-mail me here or follow me on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.



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Get in touch: david {at} nakedfella {dot} com

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David's head, slightly squished

David's head, slightly squished