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Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that my blog now auto-posts my Tweets. I have no idea if this is annoying or useful, but since it keeps the blog current, I’m in favour of it. I minimise the number of tweets, keep them reasonably on-topic (cop movies, Farnsy, etc) and don’t reply to others much, so I think it’ll work out OK.

The Precinct has been well and truly on the backburner since mid-December, so I’ve been taking a holiday from both it and the day job, and it’s been great.

This mysterious, anonymous comic strip has continued to appear, though:

Showman? episode 5

I couldn’t confirm who the anonymous creator is, but he or she is certainly enjoying themselves working on it.

The other day I was looking at a huge hardcover Footrot Flats treasury at a bookshop. Murray Ball (the creator, in case you didn’t know) takes the time to apologise for the art in the first hundred or so strips, feeling it’s not up to his later work.

The very next night I was looking at an old girls’ cartoon annual from the ’70s (Bunty) and was happy to find it contained a couple of Murray Ball strips, from his time as a cartoonist in England! This blog has a few similar scanned examples of Ball’s English kids’ mag work.

I was pleased to note a couple of badly drawn hands and the like. Makes me optimistic I might improve my own drawing one day…

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