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Lately I’d been thinking about all the work I’ve been doing toward getting The Precinct happening. It’s kept me very busy, but probably not as busy as I would be if were making the show itself. So I probably need to get used to this level of activity!

I’ve been wondering what kind of director I’d be if I were in charge of a large production. I’ve worked on enough projects now to see how directors work with teams. The right way and the wrong way. This is a good talk:

From this we can see that there’s no 100% correct way to behave as a leader; you need to take into account what kind of people you have working under you. But being nice and acknowledging everyone’s contribution is usually a good way to go…


I had an idea for an exhibition called Exhibitchin’ a while back, and now Ben Hutchings wants to run with it. So we’re going to put it on next year sometime. The art will all be SUPER BITCHIN’, and to clarify for ourselves and others what exactly we mean by bitchin’, I started this blog called Things That Are Bitchin’.

Feel free to jump on there and suggest some things you consider bitchin’!


I used to be on the editorial committee of a youth magazine called Voiceworks, and they’re celebrating their 21st birthday by releasing a compilation of writing from the mag called The Words We Found. I managed to scrape in there with a little one-pager comic, meaning that when Wendy Harmer calls it “Amazing!” and Christos Tsiolkas refers to “occasions of being astonished”, they’re talking about me.


I’m very well! I hope you are too.

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