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This was an interesting job, and a great one to use to go through some process.

The brief was to illustrate a pitch for an online game wherein users could “sledge” English cricketers, and each sledge (delivered via Twitter) would trigger a cricket ball to be shot at a giant pinata shaped like the Ashes urn. Whoever exploded the pinata with their sledge won the money that fell out of it!

Ashes urn

I was directed by the gents at Loud & Clear, who provided sketches for me to work from.

I illustrated the user experience, first providing roughs, then moving to final art.

UX rough

UX final

They also asked for a drawing of what the associated website might look like, again based on their quick sketch.

UX site

At one point the Ashes urn was changed for a giant athletic cup, and I was very pleased to make the change.

Big cup

Once the pitch was accepted by the client, I was asked to design the “set” into which would be placed the ball machine and the 6 foot cup. Some caricatures of British celebrities were required for the back wall, so I roughed those on paper and then did finished art digitally.

Harry Potter boy and Top Gear man

Britishers, mocking you

Some extremely talented craftsmen built the set and the giant cup. I got to visit it, and it was awesome to behold. Having checked it out, I needed to design an illustration to cover the whole thing, featuring the pavilion at Lord’s and a horde of Pom cricket fans. They were fun to draw.

Exploded set illustration

Then an artist reproduced all my work, painted onto the set. What a job that would have been! It was nicely done.

gone shootin' 1

gone shootin' 2

And this was the result! Several days of sledging and balls and smashed British knackers.

If only Australia had actually won the Ashes…

Final back wall illustration