Parasitic Rebranding

No doubt you’ve seen the great new marketing tactic known as PARASITIC REBRANDING in action recently! This is where a consumer product is temporarily rebadged using the name of a much more popular object or concept, hoping that you will associate its wonderful qualities with the product. For example: THE ENTERPRISORS, an exciting para-media cross-digital …

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Transmedia Vic Conference Day

What’s transmedia storytelling? It’s what we used to call “multiplatform”, or “cross media”. Essentially, I think it just means “stories told across more than one platform”. Like a TV show that does little online videos that fill in a bit of backstory. Or those nifty games I’ve talked about before that were staged online and …

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Animation Development Farnsy MEGA Nu? Media Storyboards The Precinct

Proof things are moving along

Here’s the current version of my Farnsy-themed animatic! [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.nakedfella.com/animation/theprecinct/0bPlayingtoWin.swf” width=”512″ height=”288″ allowfullscreen=”true” /] –=0.0.0=– I (and our growing team) just spent a few weeks working on an application to Film Victoria‘s Digital Media Prototyping fund. It’s 80 pages long. You could injure someone with it if you swung it at their head. I would …

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