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Proof things are moving along

Here’s the current version of my Farnsy-themed animatic! [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”512″ height=”288″ allowfullscreen=”true” /] –=0.0.0=– I (and our growing team) just spent a few weeks working on an application to Film Victoria‘s Digital Media Prototyping fund. It’s 80 pages long. You could injure someone with it if you swung it at their head. I would …

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Animation Collaboration Development MEGA Nu? Media The Precinct

Hello, MEGAteers

Woody The Producer and I have been accepted into the MEGA program. This is how they (eloquently) describe themselves: MEGA is an Entrepreneurship Masterclass series which takes participants from the mobile, digital content and ICT industries through an industry-driven development program to build their creative, technical and business skills for the development of new products …

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Nu? Media Twaddle Writing


Lately I’ve been hearing two concepts that disturb me. They’re related. One is that artists in the very exciting 21st century need to “engage”* with their audiences using various Web 2.0 methodologies and mass marketing principles. It’s not enough to make something, you have to Facebook it. You have to expose yourself. The other thing, …

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