Parasitic Rebranding

No doubt you’ve seen the great new marketing tactic known as PARASITIC REBRANDING in action recently!

This is where a consumer product is temporarily rebadged using the name of a much more popular object or concept, hoping that you will associate its wonderful qualities with the product. For example:

Coca-Cola hope that you will drink their garbage-water if they name it after your friends and family.

Because you love Australia so much, you will eat this ass-paste.

THE ENTERPRISORS, an exciting para-media cross-digital platform agency, is pleased to present upcoming examples of “parasitic rebranding” we’re providing to some of your favourite major brands. Look for them on shelves soon!

These biscuits are delicious, but even more enticing when they're named after Australia's favourite pastime!

Like cheese? Like stealing cars? Now you like both.

Studies show that many Australians enjoy eating things that aren't slop.

We believe up to 78% of mainstream Australians are looking for a more political toothpaste.

Australian men love their mums.

Happy Australia Day! Feel free to webscuss this blog article on your digipostal cyberforum.

Transmedia Vic Conference Day

What’s transmedia storytelling? It’s what we used to call “multiplatform”, or “cross media”.

Essentially, I think it just means “stories told across more than one platform”. Like a TV show that does little online videos that fill in a bit of backstory. Or those nifty games I’ve talked about before that were staged online and in “real life” as part of the marketing for movies like The Game and Donnie Darko.

Anyway, I went to the “conference day” of a thing called Transmedia Victoria today along with a lot of other arts type people, and listened to some pretty good speakers, some of whom had beards. As I sometimes do at things like this, I took some semi-pictorial notes:

It’s probably best if I don’t try to clarify anything in there, but I’ll just point out that the speakers didn’t necessarily say the things I’ve attributed to them (unless I used “inverted commas”). And the drawings are all pretty bad (but I like my renditions of Steve Peters and Stephanie Salter). I noted bits of info I found interesting, or that I wanted to translate into simpler language for myself.

Speakers were all worth hearing, and ranged from interesting to fun to, actually, quite inspiring. Thanks to Christy, Sue and the other organisers! Back for the workshops day tomorrow.

Precinct Cop Action Survey winners!

Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami, Precinct-style

Five very helpful people who helped me and The Precinct out by filling in our Cop Action Survey will now be receiving an original Precinct drawing by me.

I won’t announce who they are, but I now have to draw Precinct characters:

  • in a shower scene, with rude bits obscured by “PG steam”
  • “in space”
  • beating someone in an interrogation room, “L.A. Confidential stylee”
  • “dressed in 18th century clothing, solving some kind of picnic-related murder”
  • “playing Go”

Thanks to all who took part in the survey! Remember that the interactive YouTube survey I put on YouTube is also still there. It asks “Who Is Your Favourite TV Cop?”…

David Caruso is winning…

Amazing games

Windosill. Worth a lot more than $3.

Windosill. Worth a lot more than $3.

While we’ve been working on our cross-platform strategy for The Precinct, I’ve been directed to some fantastic online games from which we’re taking inspiration. Here they are:

Windosill is incredible. You must play it, and you must pay $3 for the full version. It has so much style and personality. It’s as close to a religious experience as you’ll have playing a game.

Brilliant, and pixelated.

Oh, man. These geniuses have put Sierra games like Leisure Suit Larry and King’s Quest online as multiplayer games/chat rooms. So weird, so great.

And some more old games which you can now play online:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Alter Ego:

Legend of the Red Dragon (well, it was always online, but via BBS systems. Now you can play it on the web):

Jones in the Fast Lane:
Got any more suggestions?

Proof things are moving along

Here’s the current version of my Farnsy-themed animatic!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="512" height="288" allowfullscreen="true" /]


I (and our growing team) just spent a few weeks working on an application to Film Victoria‘s Digital Media Prototyping fund. It’s 80 pages long. You could injure someone with it if you swung it at their head. I would never do such a thing.

The “future-innovation-online-mobile-media” discussions that’ve gone on around it, and at MEGA, are starting to really do my head in. It’s becoming very clear that I’m not the sort of person who does big, visionary ideas involving technology that hasn’t been invented yet. I prefer looking at what already exists and trying to figure out how we can use it all in an amusing way.

Also, people continue to tell me things like “in the future, you won’t be a storyteller: you’ll be facilitating OTHER PEOPLE’S stories!” Because in the future nobody will watch a TV show or movie without interacting with it. Also, in the future everyone will wear silver jumpsuits and eat Space Food Sticks at every meal.

Never mind. The application we put in (around The Precinct and our “choose-your-own-adventure” thing) may not be enormously innovative technically, but it’d be (i) a lot of fun, (ii) a sweet tool for showing broadcasters the possibilities of COP ACTION as a cartoon and game and (iii) not half as easy, cheesy and token as some TV series online tie-ins I’ve seen.

And I am trying to open my mind to more inclusive, truly “interactive” stuff. As long as I can still make my funny toons.

Ackersley and keytar

Ackersley and keytar

Speaking of which, for those who were not at our secret Precinct puppet/slide-show in July, here’s the images we showed telling the story of our 1986 flashback episode! Since there’s no script or explanation, it will be be bit mystifying to most of you. Make up your own story: it’s TOTALLY INTERACTIVE OMG LOLZ

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="512" height="288" allowfullscreen="true" /]


We’re going to be pitching The Precinct to an audience of INDUSTRY BIGWIGS as the grand finale to MEGA later this month, and are able to make suggestions as to who should be invited! If you know of (or ARE) a switched-on film/tv/online industry person with a sense of humour, drop us a line and maybe we can swing a ticket their/your way.