“Bar codes” animation design

I haven’t blogged in ages, as I’ve been on my honeymoon and also I’m lazy. But I wanted to show you a few character/bg designs I did for a little corporate job recently.

Most of the work in this (approx) 2 1/2 minute animation was in the design. There were only a few heavy animation scenes, and there were at most two characters in each. So much of the work was drawing buildings, vehicles, etc.

The job was a bit unusual in that I was shown an animation made for the same purpose in (I’d guess) the ’80s or ’90s, and the clients mainly wanted it redone, with some changes to the voiceover and images to modernise it. So I didn’t need to do a storyboard as such, only give the clients the designs as I produced them for approval.

The visual style is a bit different to the way I usually draw, mostly because I used Flash’s pen tool rather than drawing with the paintbrush (which I usually prefer).

It was a fun job!

New Precinct pics

For the last couple of months we’ve been working on a new pitch/proposal for a Precinct half-hour series. This has meant a lot of meetings re the scripts (which need to be reworked to fit the longer format), the plots and the “big ideas” behind the show (we’re thinking about three seasons’ worth, so there’s a lot of room now to squeeze in all the ideas we like) the characters (a few of whom have changed over time) and the design (I’m a better artist now than I was three years ago, when I did the last round of drawings).

This is the image for the cover.

The Precinct is a nice old brick building located in a largely Jewish/Eastern European shopping strip. At one point in the series, there’s a need to build a new Precinct. Here’s the redesign, by prominent architectural firm Denton Corker Marshall (of Melbourne Exhibition Centre/CityLink “fame”).

Back to work!

John Howard’s Knees: design redux

Been having more thoughts about the look and style of John Howard’s Knees (a cartoon I’m making about the former PM and his smashable knees).

I quite like this version of him, as far as the balance between cartoon character and actual resemblance goes, but the style feels like a rip-off of something, not sure what (UPA?). Tried to do a version without black line. It looked shit.

Think this version goes better with Tony Martin’s voice; haven’t tried a test yet. Might do that next!

Previous version of Howard.

Realistic Howard!


Originally wanted this to be a very simple project, almost animated straightahead without much planning (so I’d actually get it done).

Having an excellent voice for Howard and the singer/s has made that seem like a huge waste, that instead this should become really elaborate and I should put in the hard yards and get the animation as great as I can possibly make it.

I’m swinging back in the other direction now and feeling like maybe the sound being great will CARRY the cheap visuals.


Also, thinking of having the song lyrics appear as part of the backgrounds.

Girl Mechanic

I was going through some old art and I found this piece, which I did as part of some Film Vic-funded development in 2008.

I still like it! It’s for a series idea called Girl Mechanic, conceived by my very talented friend Katrina Mathers. It’s a series of toons teaching women the basics of car maintenance/repair. But the girls would also put the jukebox on every so often and dance. Its time will yet come!