The Precinct: Characters pt 3 – South & Padgett

Two more cops for you to meet: South and Padgett.

Cst Ben South

South is Ackersley’s new partner. Most of Ackersley’s partners transfer out of The Precinct, quit the police force or simply disappear, but South is the kind of sweet, tolerant soul who doesn’t mind being forced to eat jerky sandwiches, carried through the muster room like a roll of carpet or shut in a locker overnight for safekeeping.

Det Sgt Ben Padgett

Padgett, like Ackersley, is somewhat “broken”, psychologically — the likely cause being his many years of undercover work. He keeps his motives quiet and his actions swift, preferring a headbutt as a greeting.

Originally from the north of England, Padgett left behind what is likely to have been a very dodgy career in the London police. Seeing as his files have disappeared, it’s impossible to know anything for sure…

The Precinct: Characters pt 2 – Sarge & Sandhurst

Meet some more of The Precinct‘s characters:

Sarge (Insp Ben Sargent)

With a yell that can explode pot plants, Sarge keeps The Precinct functioning — difficult, given the number of narcissistic, preening nutbags who work there.

The Precinct loses more budget and resources every year — “tightening our belts”, says Mayor Rochman, who has plenty of reason to want to see Sarge ground into the dirt.

Luckily, Sarge is thoughtful, capable and just crazy enough to earn his officers’ loyalty and respect.

Sen Sgt Ben Sandhurst

Sandhurst is Sarge’s second-in-command, a matey boozehound with an unpleasant line in self-pity and passive-aggression.

He enjoys taking young officers aside and giving them advice on how to be a “real man”: mostly it involves making really big sandwiches and cutting up wood. He seems harmless, but there’s a desperation inside which makes him capable of anything.

Girl Mechanic

I was going through some old art and I found this piece, which I did as part of some Film Vic-funded development in 2008.

I still like it! It’s for a series idea called Girl Mechanic, conceived by my very talented friend Katrina Mathers. It’s a series of toons teaching women the basics of car maintenance/repair. But the girls would also put the jukebox on every so often and dance. Its time will yet come!

“The Bret Braddock Adventures” animation

Making a little animated trailer for another contest. This time it’s a trailer for a webseries based on me comic “The Bret Braddock Adventures”!

Here’s some of the characters. I’m at the stage where the characters are being “built” (prepared for animating).

We had a recording session for this toon a couple weeks ago which went really well. In fact, it got quite heated and emotional, which I wasn’t expecting.

The story in “The Bret Braddock Adventures” is about a poorly managed entertainment company run by a grouse bloke/Aussie entrepreneur/ignorant dick named Bret Braddock. It would be incorrect to say that it’s based on a single company.

However, several of the voice actors involved (and myself) have had experiences similar to what’s depicted in the trailer. Recording these performances reminded me how raw you can feel, even months or years later, after having been mistreated at work.

At the same time it made the toon feel like even more of a worthwhile thing to do. So hopefully we’ll have it done in the next few weeks.

John Howard’s Knees

Quick sketches of ex-PM John Howard

Secret of drawing John Howard: he's always got "sad/furrowed eyebrows", even when he's happy. This makes him look like he's constantly suffering indigestion. Maybe he is.

About five years ago I wrote a script for a short film called “The Ballad of the History of Trying to Break John Howard’s Knees”, a lovely singalong tale of how our then-Prime Minister, John Winston Howard, has always had to escape brutal knee-beatings.

Those knees secrete some kind of powerful magic, tempting violence from all who come across them, from the nurses who delivered him to his schoolmates to his fellow lawyers.

It’s completely apolitical, and now, not even topical, since Mr Howard has been largely out of the public eye since his resounding defeat in the 2007 federal election.

So now that it’s a charming period piece, the time has come to finally make it! It’s one of the things I really want to finish this year (see my to-do list on the left sidebar).

Up top are some sketches of Mr Howard. The one at bottom row centre is clearly the best likeness, but probably not the best design to animate. My favourites are middle row, left and second from left. I like the idea of a sideways mouth. What do you think?