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For Free Comic Book Day this year, I thought I’d put my 2015 book #takedown up to read for free on


I went along to see a “professional pickup artist”, Julien Blanc, speak. While we waited, I talked to the men wanting to see him and the protesters who wanted him shut down. He eventually fled the country.

Page 23 of #takedown

You can go read #takedown here. You can also check out reviews at The Saturday Paper and Aus Comics Journal, and a prelude to the book I did for Junkee.

Draw The Line

I contributed a couple pages to the new international anthology called Draw The Line. I thought it was a good idea — a large group suggests loads of political actions one can take if they’re frightened for the world as it is post-Trumkfpth, and illustrators pick which actions they’d like to illustrate.

I chose “Look for the Reason”, and “Check Facts”. Get onto the site if you want to read the actions associated, and to check out more than a hundred excellent suggestions-plus-art. Sounds like there might be a print book later this year?

Look for the Reason

Check Facts

Ben Garrison in French

What the heck?

I did a long comic for The Nib (an excellent resource for current graphic journalism and Trump jokes) last year about Ben Garrison, a libertarian cartoonist victimised by trolls for many years. Frédéric Pierron offered to translate it into French as he thought French readers might find it interesting too. Now it’s done (though I can see a few places where I forgot to replace the English “quote marks” with French << quote brackets >>)!

Ca alors!

If you speak French, or know someone who does, pass it on!

English – The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist (Who’s Ben Garrison)
French – The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist (Qui est Ben Garrison?)