Select Committee into the Political Influence of Donations

I’m fascinated by lobbyists; the revolving door between lobbying and politics and the effect it has on the world. So when the Senate announced an inquiry into political donations I knew I wanted to pop along to the public hearings.

Today’s was in Melbourne, so here’s my entirely editorial-free cartoon scribe. There’s a Canberra one happening next week, so if any Canberra toonists want to get along and scribe that I’m sure we’d all appreciate it! If any regular journos wanna pop along that might be good too.

Your cast of characters: Richard di Natale, Chris Ketter, Slade Brockman, Peter Georgiou and Jacqui Lambie!

Read #takedown online

For Free Comic Book Day this year, I thought I’d put my 2015 book #takedown up to read for free on


I went along to see a “professional pickup artist”, Julien Blanc, speak. While we waited, I talked to the men wanting to see him and the protesters who wanted him shut down. He eventually fled the country.

Page 23 of #takedown

You can go read #takedown here. You can also check out reviews at The Saturday Paper and Aus Comics Journal, and a prelude to the book I did for Junkee.

Draw The Line

I contributed a couple pages to the new international anthology called Draw The Line. I thought it was a good idea — a large group suggests loads of political actions one can take if they’re frightened for the world as it is post-Trumkfpth, and illustrators pick which actions they’d like to illustrate.

I chose “Look for the Reason”, and “Check Facts”. Get onto the site if you want to read the actions associated, and to check out more than a hundred excellent suggestions-plus-art. Sounds like there might be a print book later this year?

Look for the Reason

Check Facts