Too many free drinks?

No, I haven’t been indulging in free drinks at MIPCOM. I’ve been eating free food. Reviews of this food will follow one of these days when I have more time at the internet cafe terminal and I don’t have to poo so bad.


1. Not having anything to compare it to, I think it went “well”.
2. We have not made any BIG MONEY DEALS, but then I was not expecting any.
3. We were uniformly told that The Precinct’s “design” is great, so kudos to all of us!
4. We were almost as uniformly told that getting an adult-oriented cartoon happening is an uphill battle, but, again, we knew this.
5. India can do Flash animation cheap. But should they?
6. Woody snapped a photo of Jude Law with my camera. So, y’know, I’ve got that if any girls want a copy for whatever reason.
7. That dude from Entourage (the star) was also there. I don’t have a photo.
8. I picked up some nifty flyers for other adult cartoons and kid cartoons that just look nice. I’ll try to find links for these or post pics later.
9. I looked like death warmed over after a reasonable amount of sleep. Woody looked perfect after dancing all night. This is why Woody is a prick.
10. Gene from FatKat is a fun guy.
11. Badgers can and do bite through people’s fucking legs.
12. I still need to poo, so I should finish this up and ask the internet cafe lady if I can use the bathroom.
13. Americans don’t like listening to accents that aren’t theirs on TV.
14. I really, REALLY should have gotten some materials together for a Herman, The Legal Labrador kids series. Maybe next time, if there is one.

I think what was accomplished at MIP was that we went, we met people and these people will learn that neither I nor The Precinct can be stopped, only slowed. The cop train is picking up speed, and it’s time for everybody to hop aboard and ride it to Toontown.

More additional extra thanks to Team Precinct for the pilot work. It paid off and will continue to do so. Sha-BANG!

9 thoughts on “Too many free drinks?

  1. Vurry interesting. Sounds like you had a very similar experience to us. #2, 3 and 13 were particularly familiar. I would’ve liked to have met with Gene, but he wasn’t going to MIP when we went. So he SAID. Maybe we weren’t cool enough hahaha!

  2. good one doive.
    question for you. are the public toilets there as feral as the ones here?… or did you poo in luxury?
    oh yeah, i’m in for the toon-train-cop-thingy…..

  3. Ann: I’m not sure I’M cool enough to talk to Gene. But a nice fella!

    JC: I don’t remember any extraordinarily festy toilets, and I tend to pay attention to that, so they must’ve been OK. That said, by the last day I was so tired I could have shit on the couch at the Screen Australia stand and not realised.

  4. PS: the internet cafe lady would not let me use the bathroom. Apparently CAN$3 of internet access doesn’t buy you a bog as well.

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