Caravan of Comics

Sarah and I are going on an amazing trip with a crew of cartoonists!

We’re touring round north-eastern USA and popping into Toronto, too. Store events, festivals, some comics jamming. It’s gonna be GREAT. Hopefully we’ll make some new friends, meet up with a couple old ones and just blow minds generally. I don’t doubt we will — listen to who’s coming aside from us:

“Pat Grant, Ben Hutchings, Andrew Fulton, Mandy Ord, Douglas Holgate, Matt Taylor, Gregory Mackay, Michael Hawkins, Jen Breach & podcaster and comics roadie John Retallick.”

If you want to chuck us a few bucks you can get some great art from the participants, including silly postcards we draw on the planes and in the cars! Money goes to the trip.

More importantly, keep an eye on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTubes. We’ll be updating with our preparation and then stuff from the road. Art and writing and sound and piccies.

I nominated myself a documentor, so, along with John Retallick, I’ll be stealing Sarah’s nice camera and trying to bring you filthy videos of the weirdness I encounter from the Americans and Canadians — and from having to sleep in the same room as Pat.

Wait’ll the other guys ‘n gals find out about my snoring and farting!

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