Parasitic Rebranding

No doubt you’ve seen the great new marketing tactic known as PARASITIC REBRANDING in action recently!

This is where a consumer product is temporarily rebadged using the name of a much more popular object or concept, hoping that you will associate its wonderful qualities with the product. For example:

Coca-Cola hope that you will drink their garbage-water if they name it after your friends and family.
Because you love Australia so much, you will eat this ass-paste.

THE ENTERPRISORS, an exciting para-media cross-digital platform agency, is pleased to present upcoming examples of “parasitic rebranding” we’re providing to some of your favourite major brands. Look for them on shelves soon!

These biscuits are delicious, but even more enticing when they're named after Australia's favourite pastime!
Like cheese? Like stealing cars? Now you like both.
Studies show that many Australians enjoy eating things that aren't slop.
We believe up to 78% of mainstream Australians are looking for a more political toothpaste.
Australian men love their mums.

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