The Precinct: Characters pt 3 – South & Padgett

Two more cops for you to meet: South and Padgett.

Cst Ben South

South is Ackersley’s new partner. Most of Ackersley’s partners transfer out of The Precinct, quit the police force or simply disappear, but South is the kind of sweet, tolerant soul who doesn’t mind being forced to eat jerky sandwiches, carried through the muster room like a roll of carpet or shut in a locker overnight for safekeeping.

Det Sgt Ben Padgett

Padgett, like Ackersley, is somewhat “broken”, psychologically — the likely cause being his many years of undercover work. He keeps his motives quiet and his actions swift, preferring a headbutt as a greeting.

Originally from the north of England, Padgett left behind what is likely to have been a very dodgy career in the London police. Seeing as his files have disappeared, it’s impossible to know anything for sure…

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