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The Precinct: Characters pt 1 – Ackersley & Rochman

Now that I’m putting together a new version of The Precinct pitch/bible/thing I thought I’d do something I meant to do years ago on this blog: introduce the characters properly. I’ll try to add them regularly. Here’s today’s!

Det Sgt Ben Ackersley

Ackersley is the most dangerous officer at The Precinct: a loose cannon, a renegade.

As an undercover “narc”, he spent much of the ’80s in disturbing leisure suits, hunting down major drug importers. Once suave and debonair, with a taste for the nightlife and a quip for every occasion, he was brought low by personal tragedies.

Today, fortysomething Ackersley is still an effective officer, but his methods are often violent and/or strange. He is plagued by waking nightmares and psychotic breaks with reality, sometimes featuring his daughter (who may not actually exist).

He is a time bomb waiting to go off. The only question is whether he will take others out when he does.

Mayor Gareth Rochman

The colourful, outspoken Rochman has been the city’s mayor for fifteen years. He came to prominence as a leading voice against police corruption, progressing from community activist to local councillor, and finally, to running the city.

Before all this, however, he was a major Drug™ importer who managed to evade prosecution by Ackersley and Sarge. Now he’s entrenched, and so are his policies, which have gutted the police department.

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