The Precinct: Characters pt 2 – Sarge & Sandhurst

Meet some more of The Precinct‘s characters:

Sarge (Insp Ben Sargent)

With a yell that can explode pot plants, Sarge keeps The Precinct functioning — difficult, given the number of narcissistic, preening nutbags who work there.

The Precinct loses more budget and resources every year — “tightening our belts”, says Mayor Rochman, who has plenty of reason to want to see Sarge ground into the dirt.

Luckily, Sarge is thoughtful, capable and just crazy enough to earn his officers’ loyalty and respect.

Sen Sgt Ben Sandhurst

Sandhurst is Sarge’s second-in-command, a matey boozehound with an unpleasant line in self-pity and passive-aggression.

He enjoys taking young officers aside and giving them advice on how to be a “real man”: mostly it involves making really big sandwiches and cutting up wood. He seems harmless, but there’s a desperation inside which makes him capable of anything.

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