New Precinct cartoon: BE A MAN!

Scene from the Precinct cartoon BE A MAN

Holy shit, I just made a new Precinct toon! Since following the progress of The Precinct was the original point of this blog, I think that’s worth celebrating!

Like with the last one I did for the Sydney Opera House’s GRAPHIC animation contest, I made this new toon for a competition. The Australia Day Council of NSW are running a contest wherein they’d like we, the public, to make short films about what we think Australia is.

I thought I’d tell them a bit about Aussie males, and how we love making things out of other things.

Naturally, it has nothing to do with the fact that, for a year, my “coffee table” was a cardboard box. And that that box has now been downgraded to (and is still in use as) “side table”.

It’s a really great box, though.

You can go RIGHT NOW to the Australia Day Council’s site and watch (and vote for) Be A Man. I’d really appreciate it.

Scene from the Precinct cartoon BE A MAN

Yay Precinct! Thanks to the animator-heavy cast, who did tremendous voice work, and to Sandra C (for inadvertently helping with BGs) and Kathryn P (for letting me know one of my gags had been done on Top Gear, and supplying an alternative).

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