Opera House Follies

I spent the weekend in Sydney at the GRAPHIC comics/animation-related festival/event-series/thing! It was a very nice com/an-rel fest/ev-ser/thg which I certainly wouldn’t have gone to/been able to afford if I hadn’t been a finalist in their animation competition.

I did not win the animation competition! Dave Thomas, Canadian, won it. He’s a very nice chap, so I refrained from bringing up THIS more famous Canadian Dave Thomas, who I’m sure he gets compared to all the damn time.

My favourite parts of the weekend:

  • meeting Shaun Tan again. Less favourite part — letting him get away before I had a chance to grill him about what he did while working at Pixar.
  • talking with Dave about storyboards and him immediately recognising the “beggar hand”! Obviously a force of evil worldwide.
  • seeing favourite Sydney comics dudes such as Leigh Rigozzi, David Tang, Matt Huynh, Ross Tesoriero, etc etc.
  • getting a chance to chat with comics dudes I hadn’t had much chance to before, namely Anton Emdin and Andrew Weldon.
  • showing up next to John Retallick every time he was trying to have a romantic interlude with his lovely girlfriend.
  • Kevin Smith’s hilarious intro to the big Neil Gaiman reading, and, the following night, Neil’s hilarious intro to the big Kevin Smith talk.
  • Gary Groth slagging off Todd McFarlane. It’s unnecessary at this point, but still enjoyable.
  • Checking out the last Little Big Shots screening. It’s a kids film festival which has nothing to do with Graphic but is run by my friend Chloe and just happened to be at the Opera House also.
  • my friend Lada NOT dying at the hands of a cab driver who fell asleep at the wheel and rolled into a gutter at speed.
  • my free train ride to the airport thanks to Cityrail industrial action.
  • Circular Quay being smug but nonetheless attractive.
  • the Neil Gaiman after party, where Neil and Eddie Campbell performed the whole story again, this time using little hand puppets, accompanied by Kevin Smith on kazoo and hand-clicker.

That last one is a lie.

Thanks to the Opera House people, particularly Anthony Pollock, for the fun time and the free tix. Nice meeting you all! Now, back to work.

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