Precinct is kicking goals in Opera House animation comp

Haven’t had time to post properly lately as I’ve been extra busy. Hopefully the Tweeting makes up for that. The good news is that things are going splendidly on all fronts!

  1. I’ve been doing new Precinct animation (well… really a jumped-up animatic with some colour) for the Sydney Opera House’s GRAPHIC animation competition, and it’s paying off — The Precinct is in the finals! Winning would mean $20,000 of production money coming our way, which is very exciting. If you want to help us win the audience award, voting opens July 26. Follow me on Twitter or become a fan of The Precinct on Facebook if you’d like updates about this. Or just keep checking this blog, I guess.
  2. We did our first sound recording for John Howard’s Knees this week. It went fantastic. I’d encourage people to become a fan of this film on Mr Facebook as well. Do it. You won’t regret it.
  3. I’ll be freelance again in September! Who needs some cartoons, storyboards or animation?
  4. I just turned 30, and my wife took me to a salami-making class for my birthday.

So everything is going great.

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