Run, Johnny, run

A drawing I’m doing for my John Howard’s Knees film. I don’t think it’s done yet (the drawing, not the film). Suggestions welcome. See the multitude of people and animals bent on breaking John Howard’s knees! Even cats want in on this action.

In other news, I replaced my website with a single PNG image. Stuff will come back eventually, but it’s been sitting idle for too long and needs changing. Now it’s sleek and powerful and directs you to the more important things.

We’re waiting to hear about the result of a grant application which would mean some Precinct production in the second half of the year.

Otherwise, I’m well, still working full time, and I got married. Hope the twins are copacetic and Grampa got over those rump chills.


Barris Q. “Doc” Hanrahanrahan

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