All plans and no followthrough makes David edgy

I spent 2009 planning and scheming and writing and talking and thinking. Lots of thinking!

This was all good stuff to do, in addition to the freelance work I had. But I did very little MAKING of STUFF!

I made a zine of some of my old articles and prose writing and took it to the National Young Writers Festival.

I made a little cartoon advertising a series of comics forums we put on at the Comedy Festival. I made it in one day and quite a lot of people saw it.

I made a few pages of comics and an interactive Youtube survey and a helpful example of lazy storyboarding.

But that’s all I made, and it’s not enough.

So 2010 will be a “making” year. I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what to spend time making. Some are things which I hope will move me closer to getting the Precinct animated series happening, and some are just things I’ve had “on the shelf” for years.

Here’s my list so far:

  1. Series of one minute Precinct shorts introducing the characters
  2. Precinct-themed video for new John Farnham song
  3. Precinct drawings for survey winners
  4. Printed collection of that weekly thing I have nothing to do with – coming along
  5. John Howard’s Knees (short musical cartoon) – written
  6. Gay Cannibal Grand Final (very nasty Up There Cazaly parody) – mostly written
  7. Herman, the Legal Labrador children’s book story
  8. Revised Precinct pitch/bible/promo (good idea, but NOT A REAL THING!)
  9. Herman kids series pitch/bible/promo (again, this is PLANNING, not a REAL THING)
  10. The Precinct: Playing To Win – mostly boarded
  11. Make Love To The Trees (short musical cartoon) – song recorded
  12. New Mr Flig animation – partially written
  13. “Animation collective”?
  14. Precinct/Herman-themed online choose-your-own-adventure – started
  15. POWAAA! – DONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEdtcGWOPd0
  16. Animation based on that weekly thing I have nothing to do with
  17. Ask Dillon what happened with that other thing
  18. Cat vs. Mouse
  19. Live performance of CYOA story
  20. Keep making animatics (worthwhile?)
  21. Keep writing Precinct episode scripts
  22. Precinct avatar creator app

I’m going to try to do/finish many of those things this year!

I will need assistance with some of them, so my apologies if I come and bug you and ask for your help or advice; it’s only because

  • I think you’re great
  • I’m MAKING STUFF this year and nothing is going to stop me, least of all my own shyness/slackarsedness


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