Summaries of pitches of strategies

Going to get a video of my MEGA pitch up as soon as I get hold of the (undoubtedly embarrassing) clip, but this is a summary of where The Precinct is now (also a summary of my pitch), as written for the MEGA guys:


Australia doesn’t have its own animated series for adults; a Simpsons, a South Park. We think it’s long past due, and that we’re the ones to deliver it in the form of The Precinct.

We love the cop shows and cop movies of the 1980s, and it’s those synth-powered explosion-fests we pay tribute to in our story, the story of a team of crazed, toilet roll-shaped cops whose precinct house is threatened by a corrupt city mayor.

We came into the MEGA program with ideas and a thirst for knowledge, and came out with a multiplatform strategy based around an animated series, a series of interstitial episodes and an online choose-your-own-adventure game.

We know our market exists. They watch American shows like South Park, The Venture Bros and Harvey Birdman. They’re active viewers who care about the stuff they watch and have opinions on it.The challenge lies in monetising our concepts, given they’re also big downloaders.

As far as we can tell, the main reason a show like this hasn’t happened yet is because it’s a tough market out there, and it’s always easier to sell a kids’ show. But The Precinct, while being unashamedly Australian, is designed for a world audience who love COP ACTION! A natively digital Flash animation production will keep costs down and quality high. An innovative online and offline marketing strategy will be the key to making The Precinct economically viable.

Film Victoria has invested about $25,000 into The Precinct’s development to date. Our intention is to partner with a local network who have an interest in launching an Australian first; a cartoon series for adults which tells an Aussie story.

With a theme song sung by John Farnham.

Yep. It’s better with pictures.

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