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Hello, MEGAteers

Woody The Producer and I have been accepted into the MEGA program. This is how they (eloquently) describe themselves:

MEGA is an Entrepreneurship Masterclass series which takes participants from the mobile, digital content and ICT industries through an industry-driven development program to build their creative, technical and business skills for the development of new products and services for global markets.

It was only very recently that I had to look up what “ICT” is. It’s just what they used to call “IT” but with an extra “C” added. I forget what the “C” stands for just at this moment.

Sarah just told me it’s “communication”. Thank you, Sarah.

Since we’re also still working on this Film Vic cross-platform strategy, it’s nice timing. We’re looking forward to lobbing a few of our ideas on people. MEGA runs through November.

We’ve been to the first couple talks (there’s many more to come). This week’s was about “Teamwork!” I took notes. Here’s a few.

Venture capitalists like teams Making your team Entrepreneurship

We also heard about trademark and patent registration, but my notes on these are a bit dry.

Some people doing MEGA have interesting ideas, albeit ones which are nascent, unformed, which is sweet because MEGA for them will be about bashing out details and figuring out if the idea’s going to work (many of the other ideas are very tech-based; apps for phones and the like).

Since we’ve been working on The Precinct for a few years now, we’re a bit further along. We have a team (and a larger, projected, team for when the show kicks into production). We’ve got a lot of stuff down on paper (and out in the digital ether). We’ve had government funding helping us get the the show “market-ready”.

So for us, MEGA will be partially about figuring out if our show actually is market-ready (not “good”. We already know it’s good). MIPCOM was helpful in this regard too.

MEGA will also be about learning stuff, meeting people and having a larf. And being accepted into a thing like this is great for keeping our spirits up over what has been (and could continue to be) a long gestation/development process.

Luckily, I still like the show after three years and am real happy to sink ever more free time into it. Which is how I’m spending this sunny Sunday afternoon…

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