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Do our survey, please

I’m encouraging you to do our Precinct survey if you haven’t already. Here are some of my favourite responses so far:

Give us an amusing fake name, or your real name if you can’t think of one:

Omar NcNulty
dicks mcbutt the 58th
Zac E. Porn

What TV show do you scramble to avoid?

Any kind of dancing or fat show
Dancing Idle
Home & Away

What’s the most embarrassing DVD/video you own?

Pilates made easy
hot pants workout
Ultimate Fat Burn
the wedge series 1
inside the mind of todd mcfarlane
Power Yoga
Deadly Weapons starring Chesty Morgan
Our Wedding Video (I cried)
fit to strip

If you provided your e-mail address, and are therefore in the running to win a happy fun Precinct picture, what would you like me to draw the cops doing?

Investigating a slaughter on Sesame Street
trying to get a confession out of a sweaty Harold Bishop.
Drunken Karaoke
snorting rack
arresting rove mcmanus
Playing poker like the dogs in the playing poker painting, then getting into a fistfight
Riding unicorns to the moon. But! The unicorns should be all gritty and badass. They should totally have battle scars, be smoking cigars, and their horns should be katanas. There should be explosions in the background (maybe a few robots too or something), but it should all look ridiculously happy, with smiley faces on everything a la Super Mario. There should also be some text on the bottom that has nothing to do with the picture (‘Keep on truckin’!’ or ‘Hang in there!’ ect). Ooh! And lens flare. EVERYWHERE. Or just draw them looking stupid and doing something stupid. Same thing.

That last one would be interesting to draw because I haven’t decided 100% whether Precinct animals have paws, hooves, claws, etc. or whether they just have stumps like the human characters.

Thanks a lot for your responses so far, they’ve all been helpful, especially those that took the time to be critical! Cheers very much to Brad Giblin at Film Vic and Latauro at Ain’t It Cool News for helping us get the word out about it!

But we need more! Force your friends to do it too: The more responses the better.

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