Animation Collaboration Contest

Rock the vote

These fellows at make silly cartoons. So do I. That’s why I sent them one of mine (“Badlands”) for their Flash contest. They picked it for the final five.

Five silly cartoons. If you go to their site, you can watch all five silly cartoons (it’ll take under five minutes), then if you register with them you can VOTE for the one you like best. The winner gets $1000. It’s a very simple contest. Fellow Aus-comics guy Jase Harper has one in there too. It’s about a potato. Mine is about European cheese-throwers in tights.

Cheese-throwers in tights

I promise that if Badlands wins this contest I will split the $1000 with its writer, Adam Wajnberg, and we’ll finally sit down and make the sequel, which is about crabs and God.

Go on.

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