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Comic Book Funny session 2

A reminder that tomorrow’s edition of Comic Book Funny (“comics writing people, live and in person, in a bar where they can drink and hang with you, the consumer”) features Mr John Retallick in discussion with Gerard Ashworth, of “Modern Murder” and “Weird Stress Kittens” infamy. Be there if you can, Gerard’s coming all the way from NSW for this.

And further to my earlier talk about shitty prize offerings: here’s what’s appearing on the Big W website today.

Digitally signed?

Sorry, HOW has it been signed?

Digitally signed???

Wow! You mean the REAL actors’ REAL signatures have been REALLY PRINTED ON THE POSTER???

Happy dog

1 thought on “Comic Book Funny session 2”

  1. but everyone seems so excited about this prize….i must have it and all it’s digital pixel signiture goodness…oh and it’s twilight goodness!

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