Big-Ups Comedy Twaddle

I like comedy

The other night we saw Matthew Keneally and Josie Long at the Comedy Festival. They were both fun, but Josie Long gets the edge over, being that she’s COMPLETELY ADORABLE, made us laugh ’til it hurt AND she makes her own zines and hands them out to audience members.

A friend of mine told me today that he thinks she’s also SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE! So that might be a plus too.

Hope to see Matt Elsbury, Andy and Lawrence, Judith Lucy, Andrew Lawrence and maybe some more too if possible. I’d also like to see Dave Bloustien because he’s got a similar name to mine and once in a blue moon somebody asks if I’m him.

I certainly won’t be going to see this. Why? Because the woman uses that same photo every year, and I just figured out why it bothers me: SHE’S WINKING AT YOU WITH THE WRONG EYE! SHE’S SUPPOSED TO WINK WITH THE NEARER EYE! IT LOOKS WRONG AND STUPID!

I refuse to post the image here. Click the link if you want to see it.

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