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Cross-platform pizzapie

Like I said a couple posts ago, we’re working on a “cross-platform strategy” for The Precinct. We’ve gotten a little grant from Film Victoria which is paying for us to meet with my friends at Eskimo Productions, throw around some ideas (i.e. the choose-your-own-adventure stuff I talked about before) and put them down in a report, which we’d then present to broadcasters along with the series, i.e. “here is our fun show, and here’s the “kewl” online/phone stuff we roll out alongside it”.

Now that we’ve talked with Brad from Film Vic, we have more of an idea of how to use our time. We’ll be flinging ideas around, focusing in on the most interesting/viable ones, then doing a certain amount of “market research” to add to what is described in the grant documentation as:

a business case justifying further investment from private or government funding sources

Essentially, explaining why our ideas are good and interesting and worthy of getting up.

As a small part of this, I’m planning to run a bit of a survey to get some reactions to our Precinct pilot; hopefully enough that I can get some quantifiable data on who likes it, who doesn’t, what else they watch and how they watch it (I’m interested in knowing, for example, whether it’s just cop show junkies who’d like The Precinct or whether we could expect other kinds of nerds to enjoy it too).

Stay tuned.

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