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Comic Book Funny – live session #3

Another great talk this week with Bernard Caleo, Neale Blanden and Clint Cure. We showed Clint’s award-winning animated short The Lecture, Bernard performed his version of the opening to No Country For Old Men via spoken word and live drawing under a camera, and all three talked about what it is to be plugging away at an artform generally considered (derided!) as a “kiddie pastime” and whether their comics are actually “FUNNY”, “ODD FUNNY” or “NOT FUNNY”. And Neale explained beloved Disney character Goofy’s disturbing early history as a servile Negro.

Bernard and Clint
Bernard says something, with passion. Clint looks on.

Comics summit
Following the session, a quiet chat with the cream of Melbourne’s comics community.

Nicola Hardy and Neale Blanden
Nicola Hardy, recently returned from debauched art tour of Europe, and Neale.

Next week, Saturday April 12, 4pm, Bella Union bar, Trades Hall: the very last Comic Book Funny live session for the Comedy Festival, featuring Nicki Greenberg, Andrew Weldon and myself. Be there!

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