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Comic Book Funny, episode #1

Time for the first “official” episode of

Comic Book Funny



Episode #1: Have A Big Wank!

Ben and David inaugurate their possibly ongoing podcast. Featuring an exclusive interview with Stan Lee, talk about getting your comics out to an audience, news about how comics are invading the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a number of naughty excerpts from Lord Of The Rings.


0:54 – selling your comics to people?
7:37 – ‘Tales From The Pub’
15:47 – Lord of the Rings: gay?
18:03 – Comic Book Funny, the Comedy Festival show
27:52 – Comics Craft!
28:10 – “interview” with Stan Lee
32:50 – sign off


Go ahead and comment below if you feel like it. Or send your audio responses to david, at nakedfella dot com.

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Don’t ask me about iTunes, ever.

5 thoughts on “Comic Book Funny, episode #1”

  1. I laughed, I cried, I almost had a bowel movement. Great podcast, loved it, being a sweaty guy its nice to know there are others with overactive….glands.

    I guess I better dust off the mic and whip up an audio response

    Hope this is ongoing

  2. HA HA HA HA!

    that is some seriously funny shit, great job guys. You’ll have to explain how you did that stan lee interview one day


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