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What is The Precinct? — part two: character design development

Here are sketches of what some particular types of people might look like in the world of The Precinct:

Radio talkback host
A radio talkback host

A gorgeous supermodel

The loud drunk guy on the tram

Jan and Jase
Real life comics superstars JAn Napiorkowski and Jason Badower (whose names will have to change to BEn Napiorkowski and Ben Badower if they’re going to make it into the show).

3 thoughts on “What is The Precinct? — part two: character design development”

  1. Yes, but you’re a smaller man in every other way.


    Actually, I’m not very observant and I couldn’t remember how tall you were. I did them from memory.

    PS: I had to look up what “FFS” meant. So much for my insistence I’m 133t.

  2. LMAO!!! That was my thoughts too. We’re the same height. Jan’s expression is perfect. Just perfect. I love his right eyebrow. It’s all there.

    You’re brilliant!

    jason badower

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